Alhamdulillah through the blessings of Allah (SWT) we have been able to achieve many things we have longed for among many others to come Insha-Allah.
We have established various departments under our banner namely:
The Sunni Jumuah Masjid, The SJM Madrassah, SJM Events & SJM Womens Forum
With the assistance of these departments we have established the following annual events/programmes such as:
The Moulood Festival, Urs Shareef Celebrations, Feeding Schemes, Soup Kitchen, Winter Warmth Drive, and Mass Iftaar with Orphans.
We use these as our way of showing gratitude, educating and giving back to society amongst these wonderful achievements we also plan on introducing many more exciting new and fresh ideas such as Mazaar/Kramaat tour, Spiritual Camps, Spiritual Hikes, Night Markets, Pre Ramadaan Expo, Food fairs, Eat and Treats, Breakfast Buffets, Mehfil e Naat/Qawali and Nasheed/Qiraah programmes & much more and these events will be used as fundraisers towards the SJM centre Insha-allah.




active committee members




We want to be recognised as one of the leading Islamic organizations in Cape Town